Hidden SEO tactics for Music and Entertainment Niche Bloggers

SEO tactics

In my previous post I talked about keywords research using keywordresearch.com and some bloggers was like “
Ali can we use this keyword research tool for music and entertainment blogs too?” the fact is if you look at these music and entertainment niches you will begin to think that keywords research aren’t relevant. 

In every niche, weather download, music, Entertainment, video, or politics there are always keywords that the blog readers are using to search for whatever they are looking for in search engines. 

In this case, keyword research is very important since readers from these niches are searching for these keywords on Google and on other popular search engines to find results.
In this article, am not going to write much instead I will summarize everything and share with you some strategies that you can use to generate traffic to your entertainment or music niche blogs.

Generating traffic from Search Engine

There is this particular thing that you must consider when it comes to generating traffic from search engines to your blog like Google,Bing,Wikipedia etc. which is: Search for the keywords which people always type in these search engines to make their searches, write about them and you will surely rank for these keywords.

Your blog will show up in Google first page if such keywords are found in your blog: Remember your site will not show up on Google first page if the keywords you are talking about in your blog are too competitive (what I mean is that, if other top blogs have already write about this particular keyword) if you blog about that same keyword on your new blog, it’s not going to rank instead the top blogs does.

Am not going to talk much about that but listen up. If am to start an entertainment blog in Nigeria today, here is how I will start it.

Getting Keywords for entertainment, music and other similar Niches

I will start with the normal copy and paste which is accepted in entertainment, music, download and other niches. There is no way you can re-write Olamide Pawon or Wizkid Sweet love Lyrics because you want to be that entertainment blogger who doesn’t like copy and paste (unless if you want to change the entire song) Automatically every entertainment blogger must be a copy and paste blogger lol.

Unless you are a lazy youth else you won’t get time to write news everyday: only if you want to kill yourself in the name of blogging. Let’s say you try to write news about How Davido’s girlfriend Chidinma delivered a baby boy in Lagos: Did you know that in the next 2 weeks nobody is going to search for that again? Everyone already knows that Davido’s girl friend has given birth to a baby boy so they are after other trending news. 

So, let’s talk about Music Blogs: can we change title of a newly released song because you hate copy and paste? Naira Marley – Opotoyi will remain like that in every other blog and you can do nothing about it else you will lose your traffic. 

Yes, copy and paste is always welcome in the niches mentioned above. Unless you blog on niches like this one you are reading from. Even in the next 30 years this post you are reading right now will still be useful because there will always be high demand for articles like this for ever.
Am just trying to let you know that copy and paste is not a crime a crime in blogging in some niches I have mentioned earlier in this post but below is how to generate traffic from Google if you are on such niches. I am going to use Music Niche as a case study.

The Power of corner Stone articles

 Continue with your normal copy and paste but make sure you have other source of generating traffic to your blog:  Do keyword research using keywordresearch tool and they will keep driving a lot of traffic to you blog. These are mostly “ Mix or list articles”

  • Best of Kiss Danie 2019
  • Wizkid Latest music of the year
  • Best music of Badman Biladin

Most of these articles comes in list form and they may have the year tag to them.  You don’t need to keep writing these type of article every year, you will only need to be updating the year to keep them trending.

You will have to create a label/category in your blog where these articles will be kept. They should be unique and original, for SEO sake since they are going to generate traffic to your blog for a long time. Yes, these type of articles are called Corner Stone Articles.

You are doing this so that your traffic wont go down even when those news and other things you are posting stop treding, your traffic wont go down instead corner stone articles will keep generating traffic from Google and other search engines to your blog.

Let me also show you how to find Corner Stone Keywords for your entertainment, music and download blog using the Google related searches.

I wanted to find another corner stone keyword about Wizkid songs so I just typed in Wizkid songs in google search box and then I scroll down to the related search section and below are some related keywords I found.

This shows that people are using all these keywords above to find Wizkid’s song on Google. (you may not know the actual amount of people searching for that but the way the keywords appears will show you if many people are actually using the keywords or not).

So I just observe all the keywords carefully, then I selected Best of Wizkid songs this must be very lucrative keywords.


After clicking on the keyword, I browse through the Google first page to see how many of my competitors who have already ranked for the keywords.

Few are ranking for it but they have good SEO post about those keywords. So they are only ranking by lucky and chance because there are not much competitors. Meanwhile, if you can write unique content about these keywords you can outrank them in a short time.

But remember, don’t just select keywords and start listing the best songs of Wizkid using your target keywords.

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