Complete Guide: How To Open US Facebook Account in Nigeria

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Hey! Welcome to Freshvibeztv. it's a new year. In today's post, I'm going to show you step step on How to Open a US Facebook Account here in Nigeria for free.

Over the past few years, creating a US account here in Nigeria has been very difficult. Many people sale these tips but I'm going to share it with you for free. 

How To Open US Facebook Account in Nigeria

For you to be able to open a US Facebook Account here in Nigeria, you would need a strong VPN, US number and data connection.

You don't know ow to get some of this things I mentioned above right? Don't panic. In today's post, I'm going to show you everything you need to know about creating a US Facebook Account that you can use to activate your new US account. 

Let's start with how to get a strong VPN. Yes, you need a strong VPN to change your location.

I know some VPN that works perfectly. 

I have been using them for a very long time and they never fail me. I have compiled a list of VPN that I used for stuffs like this. 

• Winscribe VPN

• Tunnel Bear VPN

• Speedify VPN

• Proton VPN

You can download these apps in your phone from Googleplay store, but if you have premium VPN, you can use them as well. You don't need to download another. 

The next thing you need to do is to get a new US number. Getting US number is very easy and has different methods. 

In today's post, I'm going to use only as an example. I would be using VYKE as an example today. 

I'm going to use the Vyke website to create a US phone number that can be used for to verify a US Facebook Account. So, just follow these steps below. 

Step 1: Go-to
Step 2: Create an account by submitting your Nigeria phone number and other details required.

Step 3: Enter the one time password (OTP) that has been sent to your phone number. 

Step 4: After typing the one time password (OTP), you can login and have access to the US number.

Vyke login
Now, after getting the US number, the next thing is to open a US Facebook Account.

Make sure you have one of the VPN I mentioned above installed in your phone and also make sure it's connected to USA. 

Now go to or install the official Facebook app in your phone. You can download the Facebook official app from Google Playstore.

While creating your new account, you can use any name, but be the name you are using already exist on Facebook, else your account might get banned.

Click on sign up and enter your US number. Copy verification code from Vyke website to confirm your phone number.

Fill in the remaining details needed like, address, work, state etc..

After completing all these, BOOOOM! You have successfully created a US Facebook Account here in Nigeria.


After reading this post, I hope you are able to Open a US Facebook Account In Nigeria

If you have any question or suggestion you would like to share with us, please drop your comments in the comment section of this post. 

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