How to Create Website like NNU Forum 2020

How to Create Website like NNU Forum 2022

An income site like NNU forum can earn you billions of naira from member’s registration in Nigeria. Yeah, it’s simple as that.

We at will show you step by step, how you can create a website like NNU forum.
Members of the website can make money from the site by commenting and reading news.

News and commenting income website like instant kash, wakanda, mysportpay, blog9ja, and gifta world. Each task performed on these websites above earns you some points.
These points can be converted to real money, and you can request for withdrawal and get paid to your bank account at the payment day.

NNUforum pays their members by the end of the month. But there are a lot of other income websites that pays their members weekly.

How to Create a Website like NNUforum

Following are the things need to create news and commenting website like NNUforum.
  • Domain
  • Theme
  • Host
  • Activity script
  • Auto post
  • Payment gateway

I am going to explain each of them to you one after the other.

Host:  This is like a house. It is the space where all the website contents, pictures or videos is accessible from.

Domain: It’s like your home address, people use your domain to visit your website. This is very important, it’s the first thing needed to start an income website.

Custom Email-ID: This will be custom email used by the website support team.  You can also make use of other email providers like, Yahoo or Gmail.

But having your own unique custom email address will members will use to reach you makes your website more unique.

Script: This is the design of your website. There are millions of free and paid themes out there, you can download any one that suit your style.

Activity script: this is very important, these are the script or wordpress plugins that makes the website functions completely.  The “AS Plugin” helps in keepings the member’s activities records.
When a member of the website view or commented on a post, it is the duty of the “AS Plugin” to record and keep those records and give points to the member.

So, at the end of the month or week, the website admin will calculate the total points earn by each member and make payment to their bank account.

Payment Gateway: To accept payment from new members, you must have payment gateway because it’s not advisable to tell people who are willing to register to transfer money into your bank account for registration. That will discourage some people.

But by using the payment gateway integration, people can easily make payment to your account online without issues. An example of payment gateway is

How Paystack Works?

First of all, you must register on their website with your correct bank account details. When people register and made payment, the money will go into your paystack account.  Paystack will send the money into your local bank account after 24hours.

Now that you know everything about how to create a news income website like NNUforum, what are you still waiting for?  Visit our contact us page now if you will like us to create one for you.


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