4 Vital Ideas to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2022


4 Vital Ideas to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2022

To make money online now has become very easy than before. You don’t need a dollar account anymore to receive payments online in Nigeria anymore, because there are so many ways to withdraw money directly to your local bank account.

The year 2020 is fast approaching, and everyone would be making new plans for the new year. One of the few things I will advise you to add is; my recommended 4 vital ideas to make money online in Nigeria 2020.

As you already know, I only share whatever works for me here on freshvibeztv.com. In this article, I will show you 4 easy ways to make money online in Nigeria 2022.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2022

Become a Data Reseller
This small business is one of the most trending businesses in Nigeria in 2020; it has been restructured and made very simple for anyone who is willing to join the business. You can make N50 to N200 profit per sale.

Data reselling is a lucrative business and can fetch you over N100,000 profit weekly or monthly.

Affiliate Marketing
There are a lot of companies you can affiliate and make money online in Nigeria, and they pay good amount of money (N1000 and above per sale) as referrer commission.  I will share some legit sites here in this post, just continues reading below.

But before that, do you already know how to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria? or do you even know what affiliate marketing is? Click here to find out.

Earlier, I mentioned in this post that I had three (3) legit and paying platforms, you can become an affiliate and start making money.

Instant Kash: this program started early 2018 and has been changing people’s life since then. To make money from Instant Kash is very easy, you get paid N750, N1050, or N1500 on every member you refer to this program depends on your membership plan. Click here to know more about instant kash affiliate program. Payment proof is attached as well.

Wakanda Income Program: this is one of the top affiliate websites in Nigeria. They pay N1000 per member you invite to their site. Unlike instant kash, wakanda has only membership plan and the referrer bonus is N1000. Minimum payout is N5000, and you can request for your payment and get paid strait into your local bank account.

This business is very common within Nigerians but not everybody who is into it makes good money from it. Freelancing is all about rendering your services. It can be writing, graphic design, web design or programming. You get hired by those who need your services and get paid for your work.
You can start even with your social network channels or by joining sites like freelance, Fiver, Upwork etc.

Importation Business
When it comes to double the profits businesses, importation business is of the top and wouldn’t be left out. All you need to do to make money from this business is: you import goods from another region at very cheap prices and resell them in Nigeria at triple or doubles of the amount you bought them.

These businesses listed above doesn’t ideas are tested by freshvibeztv.comand it doesn’t require been an expert but you need to know the right goods to import.

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